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LiveText™ 2 remote titling software for the Tricaster™ family of products, aloows you to add a dedicated title station to your live production. Live Text2 provides increased workflow support with the ability to send HD titles and graphics to any Tricaster portable live production system, including the recently launched Tricaster TCXD850, and Tricaster TCXD300.

In fast-paced live productions, it helps to share the workload with others - one person switching sources while another focuses on titles. Tricaster, a market leader for its ease of use, makes live production even more enjoyable with LiveText2.

LiveText2 runs independently on your laptop or computer communicating directly with the Tricaster and provides scrolls, crawls, title pages and lower thirds to your live production or live web stream, LiveText2 with integrated DataLink™ allows operators to pre-produce graphics and titles off-sitem or on the way to the location, and delivers real-time display of scores, times, prices and other rapidly-changing information, providing instant updates to Tricaster.

While Tricaster excels at one-person production, many producers want to involve as many hands as possible. With the addition of LiveText2 to your live production, a separate graphics operator can ensure the correct title is ready for display at all times and title updates can be incorporated on the fly. Now, managing last-minitue speaker changes is easy, and monitoring real-time data makes updating effortless.

  • Network-style, dedicated HD graphics operation
  • Send HD titles and graphics to any Tricaster portable live production system
  • Datalink application intergrated for real-time display of scores, times, prices, or any rapidly changing data
  • LiveTime™ delivers embedded real-time clock and date displays in the title pages
  • Easy management of title changes for speakers and events
  • Improves production quality and accuracy
  • Allows pre-production of titles on a Widows® laptop
  • Lets you expand your team with on-air titles from a remote station
  • Provides easy creation of still, scroll and crawl pages
  • Save one page or the entire project for total flexibility
  • Wide variety of text options using any installed TrueType font
  • Pages saved as 32-bit images for transparency with overlays
  • instantly save or recall text styles
  • Allows creation of graphic objects (boxes, circles, splines)
  • Provides powerful vector-based drawing tools for custom graphics

  • CPU supporting the SSE2 instruction set (typically an Intel® Core2® or better)
  • Graphics display card (PCI-E recommended) with Microsoft® DirectX® 9 (or better) compatibility
  • Monitor, capable of displaying a minimum resolution of 1280x800 pixels
  • 2GB RAM (4GB or more preferred)
  • Gigabit network recommended for network transmission to supported live system (TriCaster)