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As the core component of live video production, the switcher combines a multitude of visual sources ? live cameras, videotape decks, digital disk recorders (DDRs), CG pages and graphics ? with digital video effects in real time.

TriCaster™ LC-11 is an optional switching control surface for TriCaster and VT[5]™ that provides touch control of each input, for more compelling productions with tighter pacing. TriCaster LC-11 can be used with other NewTek accessories, includingTimeWarp™, to more efficiently integrate titling, replay and slow motion into your live productions.

With TriCaster LC-11, the director and technical director can focus on their respective roles to improve the accuracy, pacing, and overall quality of video productions and live webcasts. The simple layout and large back-lit buttons provide the physical touch and feel of familiar control mechanisms, allowing technical directors to keep their eyes forward and react quickly, which is important in fast-paced production.

  • Provides touch control of all inputs for technical directors
  • Allows director to focus on quality and pacing of live production
  • Improves accuracy for shot selection and live switching

TriCaster LC-11 is compatible with TriCaster™ TCXD850 and TriCaster™ TCXD300 high definition (HD) systems (rev.2 software); TriCaster BROADCAST™, and TriCaster STUDIO™ standard definition (SD) systems (version 2.x software); and VT[5].